Storm Water Management

The Madison District Schools is committed to practicing sound storm water management practices and to observance and adherence to all local, state and federal storm water polices to the greatest extent possible.

Madison District Public Schools’ Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit and Storm Water Management Plan are provided below for public comments.  If you have any comments on the District’s permit SWMP, please submit them to the District’s consultant, via email:

Oakland County’s 24-Hour Pollution Hotline


Play a part in keeping our lakes, rivers, and streams clean.  Report activities that are causing water pollution.

What kind of activities should you report?

  • Contamination to lakes, rivers, and streams
  • Pollution entering a storm drain or surface water
  • Suspicious dumping to drains and/or surface waters
  • Suspicious discharges from pipes
  • Large numbers of dead fish
  • Construction site soil erosion entering surface waters
  • Polluted stormwater runoff from storage piles and dumpsters

Please provide the following information when you call:

  • Your name and phone number (you can remain anonymous if you choose)
  • The source of pollution and what was spilled
  • Quantity of spill
  • Body of water impacted
  • When the spill occurred
  • Major crossroads of spill or known address

For more information, visit the County website at:



  1. When visiting our local parks, remember - DO NOT FEED THE WATERFOWL!
  2. Feeding waterfowl compromises their natural ability to forage in the wild and may also attract a concentration of wildlife beyond the capacity of the habitat.  Plus, waterfowl waste contains high levels of E. coli bacteria, the kind that pollutes beaches.
  3. Never dump anything down a storm drain or catch basin, including: litter, leaves, grass clippings, fertilizer, or oil.  Remember - ONLY RAIN IN THE DRAIN!