23-24 MHSAA Eligibility Requirements



  • You were enrolled in a high school not later than the fourth Friday after Labor Day.
  • You will not have turned 19 before Sept. 1.
  • You have had a physical examination and MHSAA Student Participation Consent Form completed since April 15, and it is on file in the school office.
  • You have not been enrolled in more than eight semesters or 12 trimesters in high school (Grades 9-12).
  • You have received credit for the equivalent of at least 66 percent of full class-load potential for a full time student in the previous academic term.
  • Your school has determined that your academic eligibility for fall sports 2023 has been satisfactorily met by your academic performance in the final term of 2022-23.
  • You have not changed schools without a corresponding move by your parents and persons with whom you were living for at least 30 calendar days during your last semester/trimester. Any sport a student plays (scrimmage or contest) affects that student’s eligibility should that student change schools (transfer) without a residential change as defined. That student would be ineligible in that sport at the new school in the coming school year. The student would be eligible for sports not played in the previous school year. This is the Sport Specific Transfer Regulation.
  • You have not received money, merchandise or other valuable considerations for participating in MHSAA tournament sports.
  • You have not participated in non-school contests during your sports season after having reported for your school team (limited allowances for some team and individual sports).
  • You have not competed in an all-star or national high school championship after having played for an MHSAA school team in any MHSAA tournament sport.

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